S24A350H Service Manual

I have a Samsung S24A350H display that took a shit. It powers on, and the ‘Check video signal’ bounces around the screen, but I get no love from either the VGA or HDMI input. I have a buddy who can run some diagnostics on it for me, but needed a schematic. A live chat with Samsung support indicates that they won’t provide a schematic of the board, and that in order to see it, I had to buy a S24A350H service manual. This is not only ridiculous, but shows a clear disconnect between company and consumer. 

24A350H service manual, where art thou?

So, using my strong Google-Fu, located they very manual in question. It contains troubleshooting guidelines, specs on the unit, and da da da daaaaa – schematics. Everything you need to fix this thing is in here. If not, you’ll likely need to buy a new board/display.

Maybe you need it, too. Here it is – Samsung S24A350H service manualS24A350H Service Manual

S24A350H service manual


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    1. No, I never did. Nothing seemed blown and I eventually deemed it not worth the time and trashed the display. Oh well…

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