Connecting to localhost on Windows 7 from XP Mode VM

I’m working on a legacy Java app that runs from Tomcat on localhost in Windows 7.  When the time came to test for compatibility on IE8, I used XP Mode from Microsoft.

You can snag it here:
Be sure to scroll to the bottom of that page and install both XP Mode and Virtual PC from the download links provided.

To connect to localhost running on Windows 7 from the XP Mode machine, networking in the VM should be set to Shared Networking(NAT). After it’s set, simply access the host by IP address and port and you’re off!

LS Minimus


LS Minimus

Tall thin-type theme with time, date, conditions and current temp (in F or C) and high/low for the day.
Winterboard, Lockscreen Clock Hide, Wallpaper JPEGifier

Modify lines 2-5, and line #11 of `settings.js` to suit your needs.

2. var locale = 41075; // US zip code or other Yahoo Weather API location
3. var twelve_hour_time = true;
4. var show_seconds = false;
5. var celcius = false;

Highly recommended to set line #11 to true for smaller response size.

11. var useSmallData = true; // (recommended) 3.5x times smaller response size.

Theme by: PROJECT107 / @chris_dickow
Created: 01/20/2014
Released: 04/26/2014
Tested on iOS 6.1.3 / iPhone 4
Bugs? Comments?
Post here or @chris_dickow

Thanks to my boy, Simon, for the name 🙂

Download outside of Cydia (v1.1) here:

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