LS Minimus


LS Minimus

Tall thin-type theme with time, date, conditions and current temp (in F or C) and high/low for the day.
Winterboard, Lockscreen Clock Hide, Wallpaper JPEGifier

Modify lines 2-5, and line #11 of `settings.js` to suit your needs.

2. var locale = 41075; // US zip code or other Yahoo Weather API location
3. var twelve_hour_time = true;
4. var show_seconds = false;
5. var celcius = false;

Highly recommended to set line #11 to true for smaller response size.

11. var useSmallData = true; // (recommended) 3.5x times smaller response size.

Theme by: PROJECT107 / @chris_dickow
Created: 01/20/2014
Released: 04/26/2014
Tested on iOS 6.1.3 / iPhone 4
Bugs? Comments?
Post here or @chris_dickow

Thanks to my boy, Simon, for the name 🙂

Download outside of Cydia (v1.1) here:

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