10-8 Sights

I recently swapped out my Novak lo mount rear sight on a Colt Combat Elite for a 10-8 sight. I felt the Novak had too many things that were distracting to my eye and interfered with a basic, fast sight picture. The 10-8 was the definitive answer.

novak sight
The Novak sight is too busy to be fast.


The Novak has a little shelf with a notch and 2 rear dots that must be lined up with the front sight to obtain a proper sight picture. In my opinion, it’s too much to look at for fast sight acquisition.


10-8 rear sight
The 10-8 is a simple and fast option.




The 10-8, however, has a plain serrated rear with a U-notch. Looking at this sight, you can already tell it’s going to be faster as there is less to focus on and is a flat plane. The U-notch is a welcomed change for me, as I use a single white dot up front. Put the dot in the notch and fire. Easy…and accurate.



Shooting the dueling tree was where I realized I made the right choice. Shots were easy and I missed very little. The biggest disadvantage I had was mag capacity vs an M&P40 and the mud the tree was anchored in let it wobble. Aligning the the front dot in the rounded notch seemed very natural and was almost second nature. The sight itself is made very well and fit the existing Novak dovetail cut better than the Novak brand sight that was OEM on the gun. It is shaped with a ‘shelf’ to facilitate one-handed cocking of the weapon by leveraging the rear sight on a hard surface like a table, desk, etc. Like the Novak, it has 1 setscrew to lock it in place.

The sight is not cheap, coming in at $48.75 from the 10-8 website, but is worth every penny.


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