Brad Frost – BULLSHIT

I’m keeping this here so I can watch it again and again when I feel like I may be out of touch with my own element. Brad Frost really nails it, and says exactly what lots of us are thinking on a day to day.

S24A350H Service Manual

I have a Samsung S24A350H display that took a shit. It powers on, and the ‘Check video signal’ bounces around the screen, but I get no love from either the VGA or HDMI input. I have a buddy who can run some diagnostics on it for me, but needed a schematic. A live chat with Samsung support indicates that they won’t provide a schematic of the board, and that in order to see it, I had to buy a S24A350H service manual. This is not only ridiculous, but shows a clear disconnect between company and consumer. 

24A350H service manual, where art thou?

So, using my strong Google-Fu, located they very manual in question. It contains troubleshooting guidelines, specs on the unit, and da da da daaaaa – schematics. Everything you need to fix this thing is in here. If not, you’ll likely need to buy a new board/display.

Maybe you need it, too. Here it is – Samsung S24A350H service manualS24A350H Service Manual

S24A350H service manual


GA Link Tracker for WordPress

I’ve had a few instances in the past where client installs of WordPress should have had internal and outbound links tracked by Google Analytics via some type of link tracker, but either:

  1. The site admin was a designer and didn’t give a shit about metrics, or
  2. The site admin didn’t know how to add tracking code to important links.

So, I created a tiny WP plugin to track events of link clicks in the main content area of the site. Install it and forget about it. Links will show up under Events in the Analytics site, and will have a category of Links, a label of PageID: CURRENT_PAGE_URI, and the value of the href of the link being tracked. Yes, there are more robust solutions – yes, there are other plugins that track more data points. This one suits my needs perfectly with no messing about with bloat. A simple link tracker with a fire-and-forget install.

Links will look like this:
onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Links', 'PageID: /my_blog/2013/04/my_post/ ', '']);"

The above example assumes the href of the link is:

Install instructions:

  1. Upload GA-Link-Tracker.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. All done!

Plugin page on WordPress:
Plugin .zip:

CloudFlare and their free CDN – Impressive

A simple change of DNS is all that’s required to use CloudFlare as a CDN and file optimizer. So far, the service has proven to be an excellent choice for a free CDN and file optimizer.

The service seriously changes the speed of the sites I’ve configured. I did have some intermittent slow time while DNS was propagating, but I expected it. The security/threat setup is also really neat, especially if your site sees many spam users or bots.

While it might tak some getting used to, especially with regards to toggling development mode, it’s going to be hard to beat on the speed and reliability front.

I highly recommend following the CloudFlare twitter feed for the company and their system feed for status updates.